Our goal is to improve learning outcomes for every child with tailored teaching strategies. We designed our nursery school programs in a manner that each child gets individualized assessments and their growth is focused on strengths while mindfully adapting to their developmental areas.

Our teachers develop custom strategies to stimulate child’s interest in learning by establishing a friendly-learning environment. It helps students and encourages them to connect with adults and peers while exploring learning materials.

We focus on assisting early learners in making decisions, developing academic abilities, social and emotional development, and becoming a member of a classroom community. All these are part of the early stages of child development, which paves a confident path for future achievements.

Our curriculum includes active learning. It is the foundation upon which young children learn through natural play and interactions with the environment, events, and other people. We incorporate the Wilson Fundations Language Training of which will prepare each child for their kindergarten programs.


Early Years Child Care Center curriculum

A little boy of age 2

1. The Violets

This is for the children of 2 1/2-year-olds to help improve self-help skills, expressive language skills, and cooperative play, among others.

A boy of age 3

2. The Forget Me Nots

This is for the Pre-K students to learn through imagination and positive encouragement. Also, gives a basic knowledge of the physical and social world where we are living through playful interaction with objects and people.

A girl child with book in hand after kindergarten stage

3. The Stargazers

We call the children After Kindergarten as Stargazers, and here we cover the topics related to their interests and feed their curiosity by planning activities within arts, music, and indoor & outdoor recreational activities.