The Violets

The goals for our 2 1/2-year-olds will include self-help skills, expressive language skills, and cooperative play, among others. In this classroom, the children will start to learn more about themselves and the world around them.

The children are exposed to many social situations and our goal is to introduce them to many skills that will last your child a lifetime. They will be given a wide variety of materials to express themselves creatively. Art will be an important part each day. They will be encouraged to answer questions in complete sentences, tell their own stories and verbally explain the events of a storybook. Literature-based themes will provide the children with opportunities to relate the stories to their world.

A child of around 2 years

The following are just some of the skills that are covered throughout the year.

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Our mission is based on the theory that children learn through active involvement with their environment.

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Number recognition

Face of a little schoolboy


Identify various colors and shapes

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Learning to share and working in small and large groups

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Reciting phone numbers and addresses

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Establishing gross motor skills, such as jumping, skipping, hopping, catching, throwing and kicking a ball

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Fine motor skills such as cutting with scissors, writing, buttoning and zipperring

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Development of self-confidence